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Suffolk Bio Tutors

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Private Tutoring

High School Living Environment

Our service provides detailed, comprehensive help understanding the key concepts of Living Environment/Biology. Whether you need support throughout the school year or preparation for the Regents examination, we can help you reach your goals!!!!

**Refund Policy: If your child fails the State Regents examination, Suffolk Bio Tutors will refund 50% of the money paid for our services!!

AP Biology

We understand the rigors of this course! The accelerated pace, enormous amount of material, and strict timeline make this course very difficult and stressful. We have extensive background with the material presented in this course and know what it takes to excel!

SAT II Biology

Give your child the best opportunity to succeed on this very difficult exam. A good score will greatly improve your child’s chances to attend a college of their choice. If your child is going to major in the sciences it is highly recommended and often required to take this exam and Suffolk Bio Tutors gives your child the best chance to reach their potential.

Summer Classes

Give your child his/her absolute best chance to succeed in the upcoming year!  Our prepatory classes expose students to key themes of upcoming Regents and/or AP courses.  Imagine entering a class already having been taught all of the major topics of that course.  It’s the edge they need to excel!