Welcome to Suffolk Biology Tutors

Welcome to STEM AP and Regents Prep classes!  Each comprehensive 4-hour course offers key aspects of the respective curriculum in an easy-to-understand outlined fashion.  All courses are taught by State certified teachers with at least 5 years of experience in the classroom.  All classes are conveniently located at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, NY.

How are we different from other companies that offer review classes?

Let’s start with class size.  Our classes are capped at 18 students.  Other companies have 30+ students in a room—our small sizes maximize effective learning.  Also, our AP classes are offered a full week before the exam which allows your child to use the materials we give them as study aids.  Typically classes offered the day before an exam do not afford your child the opportunity to study the materials.  And then there is the duration of our classes.  We believe a 4-hour class is long enough to cover all of the necessary materials but does not allow your child to lose focus (which tends to happen with 7-8 hour classes).  Finally, let’s not forget our guarantee.  We are the only company that offers a partial refund if your child does not pass.

Success or Your Money Back

Your child’s success is guaranteed! We are so confident that our courses will allow your child to succeed that we offer a partial refund (20%) if he/she fails the exam.

Suffolk Bio Tutors is presently offering Science and Math prep courses for the Regents and AP exams.  Our convenient schedule allows your child to take both Math and Science prep courses in one day (morning and afternoon sessions).  A discount is offered for multiple sessions.